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Parenting is a complicated job. Focusing on this relationship is complex because it requires an awareness of your child and your own emotional self, as well as memories of your childhood.  Workshops will be comprised of:

  • mindfulness activities that increase self awareness and self regulation

  • developmental framework to understand your child

  • reflective parenting techniques in order to support your empathic relationship with your child.

Upcoming Workshops


“She helped me to slow down, reflect, consider resources and connect with others.”


“I’m leaving the workshop thinking about connection and building a relationship with my child.”


“She was great, very kind and gave great advice… We are leaving here thinking that we are good parents and that we also have a lot to learn"

"Sarah has lead several workshops at our office.  Parents have been most enthusiastic about her approach to helping parents deal with common preschool behavior issues.  She gives concrete advice and strategies on how to get kids to stop doing those things we don’t want them to do.  At the same time, parents are given tools to help themselves maintain a positive and relaxed frame of mind even when their children are acting out."    

Jonathan Schwab MD

Medical Director 

Northampton Area Pediatrics

If you are interested in bringing a workshop to your school or area, please get in touch with me via email!

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